Now Pancho Controlled


Flockdraw shenanigans with (his drawings are the really good ones) and another friend of mine.

Fun was had. Poor decisions were made. I think one of us may have married a dolphin somewhere in there. It’s all a blur. But such is life. You blink and it’s passed.

Have a Happy Halloween…Poor Princess 


Have a Happy Halloween…

Poor Princess 


((I will be honest with you all: I didn’t think anyone would still follow me. Despite keep on saying that I am still alive, there has yet to be any new proof of it; more like I am kind of dead.

Fear not- I am still alive and now working on Ask Rarity and Flutterrage (will have a REALLY LONG INTRO,) Ask Heavy of Ponyville (Guarantee 100% funnier,) and all while working on random artworks in between.

But for those Ask Rarity and Flutterrage Fans: Here are the original posts that I used to place here that are all pictures : CLICK MEH!


Rarity gets to hang out at work for a few weeks.  :D


Rarity gets to hang out at work for a few weeks.  :D


Go, Pony, go!


Go, Pony, go!


To put it lightly and to tell you all what is going on with my life…

I am in end-stage renal disease. Meaning that my kidneys are at near failure (or are all ready failed, depending when this is read.)

To save my ass, they are placing me under dialysis, which involves surgery around my left arm to create a fistula. This fistula is unstable and needs proper time to mature, so I am in constant medical rest. Although it may mature in 2 months, I should be able to have better control in two weeks.

So the reason why I have not done anything or broke my promise, again, is because of circumstances that are beyond my control.

So in order to show you what work they done to me, I will now post a picture of my left arm.


Ask Rarity and Flutterrage Blog updated…

Sort of.

Click to view, anyways. 

Whats up?

Not much… Other than defollowing a whole bunch of people and now “deactivating” Ask Rarity and Flutterrage, not much at all.

Why deactivate Ask Rarity and Flutterrage, you say?




The fact that I felt that it stories and plotlines were not only too chaotic but felt that it was similar to Ask Heavy of Ponyville made me re-evaluate of what I want to do with the whole universe. Yes, Rarity and Flutterrage will be back and I predict at least Next week to do this, but this time, it will be how I would like to do so.

Oh, in other words….



Two weeks of work…

and of missing my tumblr updates.

Now I come back for a few seconds and all of a sudden I am looking at a lot of new things…

You miss a lot in two weeks, don’t you?